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The mind, it’s mysteries and the way people intepret those mysteries. Fun and thoughts all in one place.

The Author

Personal – I’m a ‘Visual Anaylst’, providing Project Management and Product Release Management for an interactive marketing and web design agency here in Bedfordshire, UK. On the weekend, I enjoy a dabble of clubbing and nights out, and of course am passionate about the only football team worth a breath (Luton Town FC FTW!!). Music is an important passion of mine, as is technology and comedy.

Health-wise – Diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in 2004, I have had admissions to both Priory North London Psychiatric Hospital (private, NHS funded) and also local NHS acute wards. I’ve been on several antipsychotic medications, but at the time of writing (March 07) I am taking Chlorpromazine if and when I need it. My focus on well-being sources from cognitive understanding and pattern changes, rather than the ‘chemical imbalance’ theory – and to date has been more successful than tranquilising, side-effect ridden medication.


Comments are the views of the author, please read all objectively, and I encourage everyone to express their opinions as the whole point of that section is to use as you wish!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. Please do let me know your thoughts, and where you found this blog, by e-mailing me (day or night, I don’t sleep so no problem!).


2 responses to this post.

  1. Article I thought might interest you.
    It’s on how stem cells have been created from the skin of schizophrenic patients and how they are being used to understand the condition better and to test medications on.



  2. how many visitors do you get for your blog?


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