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Cult / Sect Abuse – Jill Mytton interview with Richard Dawkins

A slight detour, admittedly, but a lot of my personal ‘psychological fuckups’ tend to be able to be traced back to a delightfully abusive and, quite frankly, evil organisation by the name of ‘Subud’.

The interview is quite lengthy (52 mins) but very enlightening and worth the watch.


Symptoms Return, Scared Witless

I have a lot of catching up to do. Let us just say the long and short of it is I now have a heart condition, which seems to set off schizophrenic symptoms each time it gets painful / bad enough.

I can’t even believe I’m back talking about schizophrenia as a solid-state condition again… symptoms… what the feck am I saying!

Paranoia is a big one at the moment. Life is a spy film. I keep having windows (like now) of partial clarity and sense but the headache persists through and I can’t see properly. Maybe it’s the beta blockers / penicillin / painkillers I’m taking everyday.

I’ve heard voices interfering on the phone, call centre like voices. The thing is, the other party has heard them too. Maybe something really is happening? How odd it would be to be kidnapped.