Medication (and the Lilly Story)

As you may be aware, yesterday it was reported that Lilly, the company behind the anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa (Olanzapine) had been actively promoting it for uses other than treating ‘psychotic disorders’.

I was once prescribed Olanzapine. In fact, it was the first anti-psychotic I was given. The timeline was like so:

  • First ever appointment with a Psychiatrist – 5mg / day prescribed.
  • Second appointment, one week later – 10mg / day prescribed.
  • Third appointment, 3 days later – 15mg / day prescribed.
  • Fourth appointment, 5 days later – 20mg / day prescribed (this is the maximum dose, for anyone.)
  • Fifth appointment, 1 day later – admission to the Priory North London.

I would like to point out I was 15 years of age, and these drugs have never been officially tested on under-18’s.

Looking at that in bullet-point form, it disgusts me. The medication was given next to zero time to ‘kick in’ before it was upped. And upped. And upped again. And once more. These types of drugs can take a long time to have any positive effect, but the side-effects are almost instant.

I was taken off Olanzapine after I complained of ‘zombiness’, i.e. constant tiredness, lack of motivation, and continuous hunger. I am now prescribed Abilify (Aripiprazole).

But I do not take it. I have took Abilify once since March 2006, and that dropped my blood pressure down to such a level that I passed out on a railway platform. Surprisingly to the doctors, and unsurprisingly to me, my ‘symptoms’ have reduced greatly since I stopped taking them, and I live a much happier life. I don’t, necessarily, suggest anyone else not taking their medication. I do not have enough knowledge about the subject, nor am I a trained professional, to give that advice.

I’ve always always allllways seen my ‘condition’ as something which is only treatable through self-determination, and changing cognitive patterns within my mind. Talking to anyone, psychologist or not, helps me. More than any tablets have, ever.

There is a tendency among doctors in the UK to feel that prescribing meds will ‘sort the problem out’. A one-stop-fix, if you like. The eagerness of professionals in this country to give out extremely strong medication to under-18’s, or to anyone for that matter, scares me.

I do like Lorazepam though, but that’s a different story πŸ˜€

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Whoa that is scary. I like how you are confident without your medicine! I’m glad you know what works for you. Hey and anytime you wanna talk, just email me or hop over to my blog and join in any conversation. Just say anything, there is nothing such as off-topic discussion at my place πŸ™‚

    God bless you, I am glad I found your blog you seem sweet.
    Diana πŸ™‚


  2. Eli Lilly Zyprexa scandal

    Zyprexa off label promotion scandal is all over the news now.
    Lilly drug reps are alleged to have called their marketing ploy,”Viva zyprexa”.

    Eli Lilly zyprexa cost me over $250.00 a month supply out of my own pocket X 4 years and has up to ten times the risk (over non users) of causing diabetes and severe weight gain.

    Zyprexa which is only FDA approved for schizophrenia (.5-1% of pop) and some bipolar (2% pop) and then an even smaller percentage of theses two groups.
    So how does Zyprexa get to be the 7th largest drug sale in the world?
    Eli Lilly is in deep trouble for using their drug reps to ‘encourage’ doctors to write zyprexa for non-FDA approved ‘off label’ uses.

    The drug causes increased diabetes risk,and medicare picks up all the expensive fallout.There are now 7 states (and counting) going after Lilly for fraud and restitution.

    Only 9 percent of adult Americans think the pharmaceutical industry can be trusted right around the same rating as big tobacco.

    Daniel Haszard


  3. Posted by sarahtowny on December 19, 2006 at 9:55 pm

    oh my little darling, I hate to hear that they did that to you, but does not surprise me.

    Let’s put it this way I had a simple ear infection about two months back, they gave me a spray, which did nothing. I went back to the doctors, two days later, in tears told me to take pain killers! Yeah right… had already taken 1 pack to get to sleep (which I might add never happend!) Turned out to be an bad tooth mmh (dentist gave them hell!) :0)

    So to go to the doctors for a REAL problem…You don’t have a chance in the uk. Blah ok rant over… They presume before they see you, which is bullshit.

    All overworked and don’t give a poop… Matt will be shocked but Sarah is not always miss smile! Swoops for a huggies

    Grabs your handy and makes and loud noise..


  4. Posted by sarahtowny on December 19, 2006 at 10:02 pm

    grabs your hand and makes a loud noise came out so wrong!

    What I meant was let’s me and and you go and complain lol

    But I am sure you worked that out already! Gosh gone red :0)


  5. lol Sarah!! I didn’t actually think you meant go and complain – but blame that on the time! πŸ˜› (07.24am).

    Yes, the state of the health service does seem to be as bad as is always reported… I’ve always kept in my mind not to judge on what the media report. But I have to say my experiences correlate with those of others…

    Mental Health is especially low down on all the lists, sadly. In the space of 2 months (!!!) my care team, who were fantastic, were shut down, then the local acute admissions ward at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital, and then in the SAME WEEK the respite beds were closed! Now all that is left is a low-security ‘lock-up’ hospital, with plastic cutlery and spikes on the fences.

    I don’t normally like to jump on the ‘cool-opinion’ bandwagons, but this one certainly has some truth…

    Don’t go red, come here and swoop for those huggies πŸ™‚ (Hugs, as in cuddle rather than the nappies!!! =D )


  6. Thank you diana… your comments mean a lot to me =) I try to be sweet (most of the time..) but of course, sweet doesn’t cut the mustard sometimes! πŸ˜‰

    Take care and stick around.. you are most welcome here πŸ™‚ I notice your blog has a Christian stance.. so I apologise in advance for any offence I accidentally cause when expressing my ‘matteist’ (similar to atheist, but a jumble of my opinions basically πŸ™‚ ).

    Merry Christmas,
    Matt xx


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