Perceptions Of Schizophrenia

I had an alert in my inbox today, and this post on a forum was in the content of the alert. I would first like to same thank you to Melis16, the post’s author, for his/her (sorry!) attention to the ‘condition’ and helping to inform more people on it.

I would like to respond here, if I may.


The cause for Schizophrenia has been widely studied and widely argued – in fact, it has been quite controversial at times. One widely held belief for the cause of Schizophrenia is that there is a genetic predisposition to the illness and certain environmental factors (e.g., severly neglectful/abusive parenting, trauma, etc.) can – in lay terms – “bring it out”. Usually, the biggest genetic link is from parent to child, so if it a relative outside of the bmom has Schizophrenia, it is a better situation.

My experiences, in my eyes, are a jumble of all of those. My grandmother, who died of Leukaemia in 1996, had been diagnosed since the 1940’s (she had been in the prison-like castles in Ireland that we know all too well). She was my biological relative and had only brief, i.e. 2 months long, periods of relief from the ‘illness’.

I was also sexually abused by her husband at age 7. When I say sexually abused, I mean raped in every room of the house in the same night. As you can imagine, I suffer the trauma still today (I suppressed and dissociated from reality as a safety mechanism) and he appears frequently in delusions and/or paranoia.

Significant symptoms of Schizophrenia – the obvious ones meaning psychoses, which includes hallucinations and delusions – don’t usually show themselves until late in the teenage years (for boys) or sometimes later (for girls). However, there are often many “signs” we see earlier in childhood that can tell us if a child may suffer with Schizophrenia. Being aware of these, would help diagnose a child earlier and allow for more effective interventions.

My ‘symptoms’ / experiences arose at age 15, but I have always been ahead of my years both physically and mentally. I am not sure what you are referring to by ‘signs’ – if you mean clues to latent schizophrenia then I am not personally aware of specifics to watch out for. One of the main ‘gotchas’ in the illness is it’s unpredictability and the feeling of ‘creeping up on everyone’. I guess if you analyse the situations of a child at a young age, with their experiences and genetic position in mind, you could hazard a guess of it being ‘possible’ but certainly there are no bullet-points for spotting it in childhood to my knowledge. I would love you to expand on this if possible..

Thank you Melis16, you are a wonderful person for taking the effort to write such info.

By the way, I believe we’re about to hit 1000 views anytime soon 🙂

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  1. Posted by sarahtowny on December 17, 2006 at 2:49 pm

    hello you, not surprised you are about it hit 1000 hits soon, nearly up to me! haha. Yes I am a pain teehee

    I would love to email your inbox but sniff I don’t know it! *sticks out tongue at you* ;0)

    I was a bit taken about about your childhood, cannot image that, but can totally understand why you disassociate from it. Respect to you that you are the person you are now. Very very nice of Melis16 to send that to you as well. Show’s people care and make an effort for you, that is always enriching.

    Take care

    Missy S :0)


  2. Hey Sarah *sticks out tongue back* ;0) You can e-mail me anytime.. best address is probably matt [at] which is redirected to my gmail =)

    Thanks for your comments as always *big smile* and thanks for helping to get to 1,000 visitors *big big smile* next stop is 5,000 *big big big smile =D*

    You take care too, email me soon!

    Matt x


  3. I’m not sure how I got to your website but this is really good writing. I am moved by your story and you’re in my prayers.


    PS – Congratulations on 1000! 🙂


  4. diana,

    Thank you for your kind words, and welcome to the blog! I’ve subscribed to yours 🙂 1,000 is great, thanks! But always aiming higher 😉

    Have the best Christmas possible, lot’s of love


  5. Thanks Matt, I’ve subscribed to your blog as well. Have a great Christmas! God bless you 🙂



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