Update: Police Chase in South Africa

As I commented on previously, a man in South Africa was arrested for fleaing from police with their blue lights and sirons in full flow. He has reportedly been on medication for ‘Schizophrenia’ since 2004, and has now appeared before magistrates in a South African court. Something that wasn’t originally reported was that five police vehicles were damaged in the chase. A quote from the new article:

Deena Naidoo led police and Road Traffic Inspectorate and municipal traffic officers on a wild car chase for 40km on the N3 on Saturday night, side-swiping their cars in the process.

Five police cars were damaged during the pursuit.

According to his attorney, Naeem Essop, Naidoo had been on medication for schizophrenia since 2004 and had been boarded from his job as a deputy director at the uThukela District Municipality in Ladysmith.

A common trait in many circumstances like these is hypocrasy. Before a ‘patient’ hits crisis point, they are treated as they are not in control and need decisions to be made for them (which is possibly sometimes the case). But as soon as something actually happens, the buck is passed, once again, and the ‘patient’ is suddenly the ‘criminal’ who did wrong.

Major new, worldwide, approach and thought needs to be applied in my opinion.


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