Two Sickening News Pieces

OK, one is a Press Release. But sickening never-the-less.

Abilify has now been produced in liquid form, ready to be force-injected into any sectioned patient who coughs out of place. It has been said that this is ‘seen as an early Christmas present for egoistic nursing staff in psychiatric hospitals’. (Note: this has only been said by me..just now..).Abilify

As well as that HAPPY-OH-SO-HAPPY news, a man in South Africa is being reported on because he has schizophrenia. Of course, this wouldn’t be a story if he wasn’t mentally ill. This quote is the worst I’ve seen in a while:

“We cannot have people like this driving on our roads. Not only did Naidoo endanger his life and that of his pursuers, but he also placed the lives of innocent motorists at risk.

“This cannot be accepted,” Govender said.

Ignorant, shameful thing to say. If you had done your job, he wouldn’t be speeding from the police, would he? Buck passing at it’s finest (considering buck passing is a common theme, this guy deserves a dipstick-award).

Sorry for any harsh comments there, needed to vent.


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  1. […] As I commented on previously, a man in South Africa was arrested for fleaing from police with their blue lights and sirons in full flow. He has reportedly been on medication for ‘Schizophrenia’ since 2004, and has now appeared before magistrates in a South African court. Something that wasn’t originally reported was that five police vehicles were damaged in the chase. A quote from the new article: Deena Naidoo led police and Road Traffic Inspectorate and municipal traffic officers on a wild car chase for 40km on the N3 on Saturday night, side-swiping their cars in the process. […]


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