Site Updates

I hope everybody is doing well! You may have noticed a few aesthetic changes around here.. I would love to hear your comments and thoughts..

I apologise for not post in the last couple of days, this should be back to normal from this moment on 🙂

There’s an appointment tomorrow with my consultant psychiatrist (otherwise known as the Consultant of self-professed omnipotency and consistent-hypocracy) so I shall post the outcome of that here. My hopes are not high, but I will damn try.

Just hit 2am dead on, yet another sleepless night.. at least there is a 24/7 shop five minutes away.


3 responses to this post.

  1. its the contents that matter and now the packaging.


  2. Hi. I love what you are doing, and appreciate the glimpses into your worl. Both my brother, and son, have been dignosed with paranoid schizophrenia. My younger bro has since passed on. My son, took Zyprexia once, and it locked his joints, and he couldn’t get up and around. He ended up pissing in pop bottles. His bro found him, he was taken off and now he takes 2 risperdal a day, but I know he only takes one, in the moring. He says two makes him feel like crap. It took years for him to even swallow a pill.

    You are doing good, writing your thoughts and ideas down. Thankyou


  3. alleycat(adrian),

    Thank you for visiting, and thank you also for posting such an honest comment. I am sorry you and your family have been through so much, if I can do anything at all – please let me know, I’ll only be too glad to help. Give my love to you and yours..

    Your thoughts are much appreciated, thank you for taking the time and best wishes for Christmas / New Years,


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