My Approach, My Story, This Blog – Part 2

A few months ago, I posted about my approach to this blog. I have been thinking, and I believe I should be separating the two types of content involved in this blog.

Personal, Open, From-the-heart Commentary and Thoughts
I will be starting a new blog, probably self hosted, that will be raw, open and from-the-heart content with a purpose to give an insight into mental health, and it’s effects. This will be the blog to read for those that are truly wanting their eyes to be opened, and to learn (almost first-hand) what it’s like to distrust your mind. Part of me wants to put a disclaimer, the other half says it needs to be seen whoever you are.

Spelling-corrected and thought-out Commentary and Discussion
This blog here then, will be more for ‘professional’ (for want of a better word) content, that will report and discuss news and happenings in the MH world. The more ‘thought-out’ postings here – whereas the blog previously mentioned will be more poems, short stories, random postings of interest etc..

I hope this format will suit all. The domain is being registered as I type and I’ll post here once it’s all set up. Thanks for your continued support.. it’s appreciated so much.


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  1. […] Hi there everyone! I hope you are all well. As noted on, this will now be the blog for random thoughts, writing, ideas, mumblings etc. and the site will be very much ‘nice’ content. […]


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