Putting it into words

I have always been a great believer in writing. Words open up such potential and possibility for creativity and expression. Something which is only matched by art.

I guess this is one of the reasons I am writing the book. It’s a personal journey aswell as helping others on a journey they wish to take. Words make things… real. They can inspire or they can hurt. They can illicit smiles or frowns. Love, or hate.

As an update, the book is coming along swimmingly.. hopefully, just hopefully, we should all be ready to go green-lighted by March 07. No promises though!

I would like to share with you a poem I found today, which inspired this post.. the transference of Feelings to Words is obvious. Thanks to Caitlin for letting me post!

I lost my mind.
I cannot find
my heart after you stole it.
My tears run dry
as I cry.
I fall to the bottomless pit.

Down below,
I cry out my soul,
hoping I will soon heal,
but as he goes,
my heart truly knows
that I’m too hurt to feel.

They try to help me
’cause they can see
that something is terribly wrong,
but down below,
I truly know
I can no longer sing my song.

I pick up the blade.
My fate is made,
for I can’t go on anymore.
The blood falls to the ground
as the voices go ’round,
and the rain begins to pour.

~by: Caitlin – [Gir] – Blue_Dragon~


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