Learning the Beauty of Insanity

Schizophrenia is more of a devastating label, than a devastating life. Alongside the horrific experiences and images of darkness, there is a trail of light that can beam just as bright, if harnessed.

This post concentrates on the beauty of human passion, courage and love. I am for a moment, pushing the nightmares aside to let the dreams prosper.

I believe that every human being is capable of touching someone deeply enough to impact their existence on earth in the most profound and beautiful way. Every person I have met, mental health issues or not, has cried tears of joy before my eyes at one thing or another.. but the phrase ‘tears of joy’ never quite sums it up for me.

When you see something so touching, it can pull the strongest of threads in your heart and you cry. Many of us have experienced this, others have it to come. It almost always happens after something negative and sad has happened, and this is why it is beautiful.

The power of human courage, strength, and determination to survive was once a physical-centred attribute – to literally keep alive. But this, through evolution, have developed to include mental and psychological survival too. And just like when it’s magical when someone pulls through a physical struggle, a mental one presses the keys to emotions in others.

Keep the hope alive, for you never know when you will need it more than you do right now.

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