Insanity of Love, Excerpt Of

From my forth-coming book which will be released under the creative commons license and be available in audio and downloadable files, as well as on a site in html.

I may also run a video-interpretation contest about it, not sure yet 🙂 This is the opening few paragraphs. Enjoy!

The depth of which eyes can reach are only beaten by the depth of love the heart can feel. You see sometimes, there is a moment in your life where your surroundings merge into one entity, and both the eyes and heart are captivated in tandem. The camera swirls majestically encircling you as the world watches the most private of seconds one can experience.

As the first words of the moment are uttered spontaneously choreographed, the borrowers of the mind take a record and store those words and every emotion felt with them in a permanent box, on a permanent shelf, in a fickle mind. So overwhelmed at this point, more by the beauty of it than the semantics, the words are short but the following embrace lasts a lifetime.

I describe the finite moment of life where love compounds logic, and the overwhelming sense of invincibility and immortality cloud the external world all but for the briefest of heartbeats. I can probably even hedge a bet on what, or more specifically who, you have thoughts concentrated on right now. The thoughts slowly turning into that indescribable feeling rippling in the torso, and finally you adjust your position as you read this, replicating how you would have laid down, or sat, or huddled whilst with them. I know it all too well, so there is no need to hide that memory as I tell mine.


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