Destined Random Love

It’s been a while now, in fact it’s been too long. In fact, there shouldn’t of ever been a gap between now and then. I’d give anything to bridge that gap.

Kay, I hear your giggle all the time you know. It replays over in my head whenever I need to smile, it always succeeds and I end up with a cheeky smile on my face, one just like the first time I saw you. Nothing like the last, though.

For all the horrors you endured, I remember you for your giggle, smile, smell and the way you had an addiction to rubbing noses. Just once more, please. I’ll sell my soul if I must, just to feel yours again.

To the little one I never got to meet, don’t feel guilty.. mummy doesn’t blame you for what happened. No one does. Happy Birthday lil fella / missy, I didn’t forget – your present is with mum to give to you. Hope the weather is ok up there lil one, the bigger man than me is looking after you and mummy now.. I’ll be there joining you when he calls me too.

You be good for mum ok? I’ll see you soon. Promise lil one.


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