“Schizophrenia” Should Be Dropped

I am in shock. This is the first news article I have seen in my life that I agree with in it’s entirety. I cannot agree more with everything that is said. Schizophrenia is a term that is so broad, and is actually just a label. It serves no real purpose in clasification. Read the full article for more, and I would love to hear your comments!

Mental health experts called on Monday for the term schizophrenia to be
dropped, saying it has no scientific validity, is imprecise and

“It is a harmful concept,” said Professor Marius
Romme, a visiting professor of social psychiatry at the University of
Central England.

He added that symptoms such as delusions, hearing voices
and hallucinations are not the results of the illness but may be reactions to traumatic and troubling events in life.

Link to the article (Yahoo! UK News)

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