Even mad people love

It is often the case that I can feel no emotion whatsoever, that I am
emotionally-dead and that nothing could affect me in a positive way.
But the past few days have been substantially different, and I have
begun to experience complete “caringness”, empathy and love.

I have met someone that in a few days has given life some reason, and
purpose. When I thought all was lost, I have found her and am so
thankful for it. She is the most gorgeous, wonderful, special and beautiful girl I have come across and although it’s early days, I believe we have a spark.

One of the symtpoms of “schizophrenia” is a lack of empathy or emotion. This is was is classed as a “negative” symptom, something which is “missing”. But the connection we have made has crossed that symptom, and wiped it entirely from the situation.

Sometimes things are just meant to be. I believe I am now on the road to recovery with someone that strives to understand my feelings and thoughts, and someone who I feel I should strongly protect and look after.

Thank God for love.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. I feel inspired, though again, couldn’t quite grok or explain what it is I’m inspired by. I’m going to bookmark this story.


  2. Are people with this illness able to understand
    what it is to love? are they able to really Love andother person?


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